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DenmarkXReader That was then this is now
A/N This is a triubute to the great Davy Jones of the Monkees, who died Feburay 29th of 2012 at the age of 63.
He was inspired by the Beatles who insipre me everyday.
Davy Jones
Rest in Peace
"It's been a whole month. Why can't I get her to love agian me Nor? Was I too wild for _____? I swear this time, it's not a game." Denmark took a sorrowful gulp of the beer
remembering the way ______ smiled at him.
"Personally I do not blame her for wanting to break up with you" Norway stared blankly forward."I got an idea, why don't you forget about her
and find someone new." Norway sarcastically said.
"I-I won't deny that I meet lots of other girls. but this is first time I loved someone .Should I go up to her and tell her I love her?" Denmark soberly
slouched with his eyes meeting the table .'I don't know who I am anymore without ______ around' Denmark trailed off in his mind thinking of all the dark events
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 55 13
Birthday EnglandXReader
"Ding!Ring!" Your cell phone yelled at you reveling a picture of your boyfriend Arthur.
"Hey Arthur how is Scotland?" The picture of Arthur disappeared as you answered the phone
"Great lo-Iain shut that bloody noise off! I am talking to _______!" Bagpipes that were blasted in the background fell silent."Sorry about that
love so how is everything?"
"Same as always. My dad said he is not able to come for my birthday tomorrow so I guess I am going to spend it alone."
"Don't worry love. I will call you. I promise."
"You promise?"
"Promise. I have to go now we are going to a festival Goodnight ____."Before anything could come up out of your mouth Arthur had already had hung up.
"I love you too" You whispered expecting no one respond. Only feeling of loneliness came out of the blank screen.
The late morning sun awoke you to find something rubbing against you feet that was not a blanket. You slowly opened your eyes
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 87 19
Trapped Gaara by MapleLuver1 Trapped Gaara :iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 1 0
Mind reading SouthKoreaXReader
"And give me reason why I should ask him" You said to Thailand who was daring
"Because he say he invented everything"
"He cannot have invented everything, China invented firework and gunpowder, "
"Go head and ask he says he invented everything-ana" You groaned.
"Fine. You win. I'll ask him"' You stood there for a few minutes waiting before China notice that you where there to hold his wok in air he somehow manage   to carry everywhere he goes
"Sorry about that ______ South Korea was being stupid usual- aru." China walked away. South Korea fell to the ground with a loud thump.
"Are you okay?" You knelt down to see if he was hurt.
"No I am fine _____ . " He sighed you knelt down beside him.
"Umm...I had a question for you. Di-"
"EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Germany yelled before you could finish your sentence.  South Korea and you scrambled to the seat next to you both look Germany "Now everyone will sit down and be quiet
while we go around the table tell abou
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 119 11
38. Canada X Reader - Abandoned
Note-this is not a sequel to my previous CanadaXReader
"Bye Matthew and Alfred! Have fun in Toronto and New York this summer!" You yelled.
"You to ______! " Alfred yelled to you back. You look back to see Canadian and American walking towards their house.
Matthew was hunched over and looked depressed in his sapphire eyes.
Beep....Beep...'Hi this is Matthew's voicemail. Uh...I guess if you're listening this I am not available so please leave a message for-' then end button was the most common
button to press during the summertime. Every day since he defriended you on Facebook, ignored your phone calls, and you even tried to go to his house but Alfred said he was apparently
'busy', you wanted his support since you had no other friends but your  mother that you have been missing for several weeks with little hope she is alive.
"I just want to hear your voice again Mattie."You said out loud grabbing t
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 68 17
Mature content
17 RussiaXReaderXDarkAmerica - Lifesaver :iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 83 24
Contest entry 11. The Path of Wrath
Can you remember my face?
Do you remember my cotton candy pink hair?
Why did you choose to leave?
Before I could say goodbye.
I have been fighting to win your heart
For so long,
and all you give is the traces of blood behind you.
Being filled with grief.
Is that a gift of love?
The Path
of Wrath  
consumed you whole
with a silent scream.
Not even a whisper,
could escape.
  I remember the day we meet for the first time .
We had several encounters
after that
and shared the same adventures.
but you didn't remain on that  course our team was on.
The decision to take a shortcut that chose you was
one I could never follow.
Mine takes me parallel to yours
Never to see your shadow.
The Path
of Wrath  
consumed you whole
with a silent scream
and nothing else to be told.
  It was foolish of me to think
that one day you would start to love  
for who I am.
On that day you will admit
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 7 1
RomanoXReader Trevi Fountain
"Now _____, I want you to be on your best behavior when the Italys get here." Your boss began lecture to you about how important that you
make a good impression to North and South Italy when they suppose to have gotten here an hour and half hour ago to take you to their house but at this point you were    
ready to go to bed and take a nap."Fratello*! I am sorry! Please don't hurt me! I just wanted some pas-" a voice cried from behind the door.
then the voice was interrupted by a knock on the door."______ go answer it and be nice." Your boss scolded as you got up. 'Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.' you mumbled.
You open the door to two brothers; both had beautiful walnut shade hair with a single curl, one with a curl on the right and the other with a curl on the left. The
one with the curl on the left had green peridot eyes was choking the other brunette with squinted amber eyes when the door open to find you."I am guessing you both are North and South
Italy." You asked. "Are you __
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 109 12
Garden KagamineLenXReader
  "There is nothing you can do to make get in there!" tighten your grip on the car door seem next to impossible
with your dad pulling you towards your new school. You lasted ten seconds before your father won by  closing the car door almost on your
hands .Your dad was still angry with you being 'sick' on your first day going to private school, your dad was dragging into y that you have complained about going to for
the past week. When you got inside there was a tall, skinny women with short brunette hair and red skirt and top greeted you at the front door."Hello I'm Mekio, you
must be ______, our new student here at Vocaloid Academy." she smiled. You nodded and stepped out on the doorway."Your suitcase is already in your dorm that you'll be
sharing with Kagamine Rin, who is also a student here." Mekio started walking toward a spiral staircase that you had just
notice your dad wasn't following up the staircase.
"Dad is you coming and taking me with you?" You tried no
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 20 14
Switzerland  error by MapleLuver1 Switzerland error :iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 9 2
Hockey Injury CanadaXReader
Hockey  CanadaxReader
You where on the bored  bus re-reading your favorite book, (insert title here) sit alone with everything you needed to do your
homework sitting next to you. The bus was starting to move before a blonde boy with a single curl stubbornly hangs off his head,
came running out of the school like a cheetah in a panic. It was your childhood friend Matthew. When he got on the bus, the driver stared at him. No one said
a word except for a couple of whispers you could hear as he got on. With the seats all being occupied, the only option was for him, as usually,
sit next to you."Hey ______.D-D-Do you have anything planned this weekend?" He said after several deep breaths. You closed your book trying to be polite to the
Canadian sitting next to you."Oh hey Mattie.I don't plan to do anything why?" He sat up straighter. It was very difficult to hear him because of his soft voice "Well me
and Alfred were going to have a roller hockey match to see who is bette
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 197 38
Band PunkEnglandXReader Part 3
There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all
But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more............
-In my life by John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartny 1965 Rubber Soul album
"We will come on of here winners gentlemen" Alfred tried to keep a positive attitude (as usually) with the steep compaction.
"Alfred, you forgot someone" You pointed to yourself "Who? Oh yeah and Miss i-am-so uptight.".'Stay calm _____.His self centered attitude i
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 70 23
PrussisXReader 21 year promise
mid December 1969
"WEST!" a voice cried from the other side .you knocked "
Prussia are you in there?It's me,_______". When Prussia open the door, you find his face flooded with tears. You hugged in relief to see him alive.
Suddenly, Prussia pressed his lips  against yours. "How did you get in?" he asked you as he broke away. "The Baltics are
sneaking me in." A worried looked appeared on his face.Your arm reached out to his to dry his  tears on his face, But turned around walking to his bed rejecting it. "Kornblume*? when do think I will get on of here?" There was a long You could
never remember a time before now, that Prussia has cried in front of you or anyone else.  You walk threw his messy room over to his bed.You sat next to him to comfort him. "Damn it!Damn you Russia!Why the Awesome me?!"  he had tear down his face .You
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 66 7
Band PunkEnglandXReader Part 2
Band Punk England X Reader Part 2
I look at all the lonely people
I look at all the lonely people
Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream
Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?
All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?
_ John Lennon and Paul McCartney 'Eleanor Rigby' 1966
Two weeks have passed since you've last talked to Arthur. Ever since you kissed him on the first band practice he never spoke a word to you even if you went to the school consular."Don't worry he'll talk to you again soon" was the best of advice you could get. Elizaveta and Natalya even stalked him for you after band practice. Besides Elizaveta constant texting with Roderich (which got Na     annoyed) they are basically like professi
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 71 10
Band PunkEnglandXReader Part 1
"Hahaha! Beat you again, Arthur!" You did a rock out sign, smothering him with your victory over him. You were over at his house, playing Rock Band for your annual back-to-school hang out. When you turned your head to see his reaction, all you saw was his emerald orbs
'I've never notice his eyes..... they are so shining emeralds'
"_____? Are having a seizure?" Arthur interrupted your train of thoughts
"I'm sorry if I worried you. What song do you want to do next ?"
You blinked a couple of time before he answered "How does 'Help' sound?"
"Sure.I call drums"
"Course you do." He mumbled, and you smiled.
You sat in the school's cafeteria alone, writing in your Beatles notebook, when someone suddenly slid in to the seat next to you, making you try to hide the pages.
"Hey ______ I heard about how awesome of a drummer you are, and I have been wondering if you wanted to join our awesome band with me as the-" Gilbert stared at you, with Antonio and Francis loo
:iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 107 24
Wheres Waldo and Death Note by MapleLuver1 Wheres Waldo and Death Note :iconmapleluver1:MapleLuver1 112 35



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